Friday, 27 January 2017

The Ballad of Old Ezme

Don your hats, it's time to play.
Today's the day!
Today's the day!

Old Ezme's hunting round today,
Chase her away!
Chase her away!

The red hats guard from such as her,
see them pass in a crimson blur.
Chase her away!
Chase her away!

The white hat has the final say.
Come what may!
Come what may!

The guilty for their crimes must pay,
Lock them away!
Lock them away!

Old Ezme couldn't help but sink,
so let's throw her in the drink!
Into the bay!
Into the bay!

(in a different hand)

But Ezme didn't die that day,
So they say...
So they say...

She pulled out a sieve, and sailed away,
So they say...
So they say...

And white hat tried, but couldn't follow,
her cries rang bitter, wroth, and hollow.
All the sails on the ships were slack,
as she watched old Ezme's shrinking back.
Sailing away...
Sailing away...

Monday, 23 January 2017

Witch Knight

I've long since done fighting
and hung up my armour.
I'm finished with knighting,
and now I'm a farmer.

But when I am needed,
and calamity threatens
I'll put on my armour,
and sharpen my weapons.

Against those such as me,
many spears have been broken.
I have limbs like a willow,
and a will that is oaken.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Alistair the Frog

I punt down the river,
and sleep by its side,
Although I sell lots of things,
I don't charge for a ride.

The frogs although gifted,
don't have a quick mind,
So they turn to the foundlings,
and those left behind,

To sell people their wares,
their weaving, and pottery.
I've won the greatest of prizes,
in life's lazy lottery.

Friday, 6 January 2017


"A bell would be loud
to drop from up here,
but the sound it would make
would be perfectly clear."

"A pigeon would take
far too long to land,
even if I could coax it
with a crumb from my hand."

"The pin from my hair knot
would be far too small,
I wouldn't hear the sound
of its landing at all."

"There must be a way,"
thought the girl, "To test,
what floats, and what doesn't,
and what plummets the best."