Friday, 24 March 2017

Turbulent Waters

All of my friends 
can count higher than me,
They can add,
and subtract,
and think faster than me.

And they can sit still,
when the teacher is talking,
while I'd sooner be out climbing a tree,
or just walking,

My parents have weeded,
and tiled my path,
They've paid for my tutors,
and helped me with math,

But I'm only happy 
when I'm down by the sea
When I can be the person
who I want to be.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Upside Down

They said it sprang up 
from under the ground,
Years ago when this terrible 
totem was found.

But I wonder…

Did no one consider,
And if not, then why,
The chance that it plummeted,
Down from the sky? 

Wednesday, 8 March 2017



"The rules for the black hats
state that if you are caught,
you must tell us a riddle,
whether you're willing or not."

"A riddle?" says she,
"I have hundreds to spout.
For starters, please tell me,
Why do sisters fall out?"

"That's not a riddle!" I cried,
"That's as vague as can be!
I meant like,
"What thing has eyes that can't see?"

"I know that one," she said,
"The answer is, 'Me in the dark.'
Unlike that one,
my riddle's not such a walk in the park."

I hesitated, 
not wanting to forfeit the test.
"Is the answer,
that they cannot both be the best."

"Nice try." Said she,
"You could well be right.
But the answer to a riddle
must fit the question air-tight."

I muttered and grumbled,
but wouldn't give in.
as I searched for the knowledge,
that would help me to win.

And then came the answer,
and it fit like a glove,
From an old song about Esme,
and lost sisterly love.

"Sisters will fight,
it seems clear to me,
when one has the other
thrown into the sea!"

Thursday, 2 March 2017

The Hat Eater

The Hat Eater

The sea is too big.
It's really not fair.
I can't find out why things wash up,
or from where.

If I find a skull,
on the soft rocky ground,
There's no telling who lost it,
by where it was found.

And these ragged torn clothes,
half buried in sand.
Did they wash up,
from a far distant land?

And these footprint-shaped pools,
as wide as a spade.
Where on Earth did they come from?
and by who's feet were they made?