Sunday, 1 February 2009

Final animation fully rendered for your enjoyment. (note, this post will be taken down in a week to ensure I'm not accused of publishing my film on the internet when I eventually apply for festivals.) This is my first coloured shot and appears near the beginning of the film. Enjoy!


Shade said...

this is great ewan!
(thanks for posting it, even temporarily)

Andy Mac said...

Overall it is working well, but I think it is paced a bit too quickly:
- can you try delaying the man's reaction after the woman slumps down on the table at the start by about 14 frames? (He seems to react as soon as she has moved, almost like he knew she was going to do it before it happened)
- And when he is reaching for her nose it looks fast and actually a little violent... If there is an easy way of slowing down his reaching action it would look more tender, while also creating a more dramatic contrast between the loving intentions of his arm movements with the angry emotions of the woman's arm movements.

And the last thing (which is actually of more concern to me), is that I would very highly recommend you draw 3 or 4 frames for every static part of the animation in order to keep the pencil motion fluid and consistent. Otherwise the holds just freeze up, destroying the illusion of animated life.