Sunday, 9 September 2012

Above the Waves

                     "Salt water is bitter. It disdains all human connection; love and hate, debt and honour, the care of a father or the embrace of a lover. It is merciless to all peoples alike, not stooping to distinguish between the good and bad among its victims.
                    Some talk however, of those who cannot sink or drown, but walk the ocean waves as vagrants on an endless desert."  
                                               ~ Old Sailor

This story begins with a ship wrecked at sea.
                    A young mother still weak from bringing her boy into the world was pulled under in the tempest along with the entire crew, even as they celebrated his birthday.
                    Yet this twice adored boy was left behind. For since his first breath let loose in his first scream, the sea had loved him too, instantly and unconditionally. The sea spared the boy for its surface, where those roam whom it has disdained for their loneliness, their callousness and their abjection, so that it could watch the boy and keep him for its own.

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