Friday, 1 November 2013

Welcome to Night Vale Fan Art

"My brave Carlos stepped out into the pit, climbing down the slope. At first onlookers were horrified at his lunatic descent, then they were confused as he got to the city much faster than they expected. and then there was panic, as their eyes told them a story they could not understand, let alone believe. “Behold,” said Carlos, standing in the center of the underground city, “This is not an enormous city miles below the earth, it is a very small city about 10 feet below the earth, populated by tiny people who have had to spend a year slowly climbing the ten feet to our world.” He gestured at the spires which came up approximately to his knees. “We have nothing to fear.” Well, if Carlos says it, I will happily repeat it.
We have nothing to fear, and never did.”
-Welcome to Night Vale, Ep 25, by Commonplace Books

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