Thursday, 31 July 2014

Asakusa and Central Tokyo

- Aki Oka at dusk -

- Tokyo seabus -

- Coffee sack umbrella -

On Saturday we went on a grand tour of central Tokyo. We saw Kaminarimon (Lightning Gate) which is at the head of a busy market full of fun touristy things and leads to a beautiful shrine. I had a shot at wafting smoke over myself, but can't say for sure that it healed anything. Got smoke in my eyes waiting for Adrienne to take a picture. It was ridiculously hot, and as atmospheric as you could hope for.
We were taken on the seabus. I have no idea how we would have fared without Kuni and Akemi to guide us, but it would not have been nearly as rich and full a trip. Some of the sketches below are from the boat.
We ended up in an indoor craft street called Aki-Oka. Superb handmade stuff of all descriptions, and we ended up in a coffee roasting shop. The barrel is full of unroasted coffee beans, and is sporting an umbrella made from a sack. The photo is of the street outside. Many of the shops were beneath the skytrain.

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