Monday, 21 November 2016

'Cuppa' by Selina Nwulu

April 30, 2016

Put the kettle on.
I’m not being funny but he’s well fit
no, you don’t understand
they’re all sinking in the Mediterranean sea
I’m actually speaking objectively here
our borders have become dense and long
it’s more an observation really
his face is near symmetrical
and their ships have burst into splints
it’s hypnotising
the sea is bloated with people’s limbs
it’s post attraction really
I’m appreciating him as a work of art
their memories did not make it either
well, of course I wouldn’t say no!
they’re all sinking in the Mediterranean sea
but that’s not the point
anyway, we still going out Friday?
watch how the bubbles float and pop.
Kettle’s boiled.

By - Selina Nwulu

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