Wednesday, 8 March 2017



"The rules for the black hats
state that if you are caught,
you must tell us a riddle,
whether you're willing or not."

"A riddle?" says she,
"I have hundreds to spout.
For starters, please tell me,
Why do sisters fall out?"

"That's not a riddle!" I cried,
"That's as vague as can be!
I meant like,
"What thing has eyes that can't see?"

"I know that one," she said,
"The answer is, 'Me in the dark.'
Unlike that one,
my riddle's not such a walk in the park."

I hesitated, 
not wanting to forfeit the test.
"Is the answer,
that they cannot both be the best."

"Nice try." Said she,
"You could well be right.
But the answer to a riddle
must fit the question air-tight."

I muttered and grumbled,
but wouldn't give in.
as I searched for the knowledge,
that would help me to win.

And then came the answer,
and it fit like a glove,
From an old song about Esme,
and lost sisterly love.

"Sisters will fight,
it seems clear to me,
when one has the other
thrown into the sea!"

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