Friday, 19 May 2017

They Cast Her in Copper

They cast her in copper,
And hid her away,
With plans to unveil it,
On her victory day.

The day came around,
And the plans were all laid.
The stalls were set out,
And the banners were made.

And one little girl,
Holding a large fair day biscuit,
Glanced around for her bullies,
And decided to risk it.

She ducked, and she weaved,
Through the thickening crowd.
The people seemed too big,
And their voices too loud

There stood the great statue,
With a ship on her shoulders,
Her teeth gritted with effort,
And her muscles like boulders.

Just like the real thing,
She'll keep the sailors alive.
Protect them and raise them,
And make sure that they thrive.

The girl looked up at first, then,
For the first time in a while,
She looked down at her tummy
And broke out in a smile.

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